Melown VTS 3D Technology Stack

Melown Technologies ( open source VTS 3D geospatial software stack API provides a technology for interactive rendering of 3D maps across platofrms and form factors. It is client-server architecture with backend components and JavaScript and C++ frontend libraries.

The tutorial/workshop topic is the complete VTS 3D open source stack ( First, we are are going to give the introduction to the concepts and 3D visualisation principles and naming convention used in Melown. In the second part, Melown server components (back-end) are introduced. We are going to setup and configure VTS-Mapproxy and VTSD and configure data sources from public services and local datasets. We also will add custom vector data and visualise them on top of digital elevation model. Next, we are going to create web application consuming data from configured server and visualising them in the web browser. We will demonstrate capabilities of the JavaScript library and show the ways the map can be embed to existing web page. At the end, Melown Cloud ( service will be presented, where all the parts are ready-to-use in a cloud platform for less technically skilled users.


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